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Austin has been a technology hub since the late 1980’s when it became home to IBM, AMD, Dell and others.  After years as a hardware powerhouse, Austin has gained national recognition as a startup hub with success stories like Bazaarvoice, Homeaway, Rackspace, and many others. With a low cost of living and laid-back culture, the return on life is the best you can get.


Austin has evolved as a hotbed for entrepreneurship over the past several years; and is currently the 2nd fastest growing city in the country with a population of: 820,611. Austin is a growing, teeming, thriving city and culture. It’s changing. People are moving here. The flow is to Austin, not away from Austin. With growth comes change and opportunity. Austin creates places for people to step up and step in and participate and play a role.

“Austin is cheaper, easier and nicer. Those are real advantages.” – Joshua Baer

“People have a hard time saying no to ATX” – Rudy Garza

“Austin is a vital part of the SXSW success story” –  Hugh Forrest

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