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Frequently asked questions about the Capital Factory Accelerator program.

Apply for the Capital Factory Accelerator

Q:  Does my startup need to be resident in Austin to be considered for the Accelerator?
A:  For all practical purposes, the answer is yes.  We don’t run a typical 10-12 week program.  Our educational curriculum through Capital Factory University runs approximately six months, the advisory term for lead mentors is one year, and the co-working membership that comes with program acceptance allows two founders to work at the Capital Factory downtown space for a year.  We’ve had startups relocate to Austin due to our program and the local startup support culture.

Q:  Does Capital Factory consider pre-revenue (pre-launch) startups for the Accelerator?
A:  Not typically.  Our program is focused on startups that can get to $1M in profitable revenue on less than $1M in funding.  In order to make this determination, we almost always need data points and indications that come from some post-launch traction.

Q:  Will Capital Factory consider an application based on online information alone?
A:  No.  We need to meet the founders before making such an important decision.  We encourage interested startups to get introduced to us through one of our mentors or startup members.  We also host Epic Office Hours during Startup Week and South By Southwest.

Q:  If a startup doesn’t get accepted, can they apply again?
A:  Absolutely.  Sometimes a rejection is due to the startup being a little too early and without enough traction for our program.  Whatever the case, we encourage startups to learn why they were not accepted so they can work on those things and potentially apply again later.

Q:  Are Incubator companies required to pursue Accelerator status?
A:  This is totally an individual choice for each startup.  A very high percentage of our Incubator companies pursue Accelerator status but it is not required.