8 #SXSW Panel Pickers from the Capital Factory Community You Won’t Want to Miss!

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SXSW is fast approaching and startups everywhere are preparing for their chance to debut the hottest technology at one of the biggest festivals in Austin. With 51,000 registrants every March from all over the world, it’s no surprise that every company wants their 15 minutes in front of this international audience. Keep things local by checking out these six SXSW Panel Pickers from the Capital Factory community. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite!


When Opposites Attract: Startups & Giants 
Cerebri is fresh out of Longhorn Startup and is partnering with one of the biggest names in technology, IBM. Cerebri aims to redefine how call centers operate by changing the way they interact with users, and how they collect data from these interactions. Cerebri recently won $100k in funding from the IBM Watson University competition, and is working on a pilot app with the United Way Texas 2-1-1 call center. Learn more and vote for Cerebri by clicking the panel picker title above!

Peer to Peer Learning for a Truly Global Education
PenPal Schools connects over 70,000 students from more than 70 countries to discover new cultures, learn about global issues, and practice foreign languages through curriculum-guided online exchanges. Pen Pal Schools was also the winner of the Dell World 2014 Pitch Slam, besting six other finalists in a 5-minute pitch competition in front of a panel of judges, including Michael Dell himself. Learn more and vote for PenPal Schools by clicking the title above!

At the Table, Leaning In: Keeping Women in Tech
Rail Yard makes it easy for businesses to find and order telecom services. Compare quotes, skip the hassle, and get connected! Cristi Jakubik, co-founder of Rail Yard, is pushing for diversity by identifying 5 toxic stereotypes in her 2015 SXSW Interactive panel picker. Learn more and vote for Rail Yard by clicking the title above!

Global Music Tech Meetup
Music Meets Video (MMV) is a lot of things, but mainly it is a platform for artist exposure and discovery. They know how hard it is to be seen and gain traction as an artist, so we created a fun and interactive space where members receive the attention and rewards they deserve. Nothing says SXSW more than cool music and hot tech! Learn more and vote for Music Meets Video panel picker by clicking the titel above!

Using Technology for Better Patient Experience
NarrativeDX believes satisfaction surveys alone don’t identify the root cause of problems in health care facilities. Click the title link above to see how NarrativeDx provides actionable insights that improve patient experiences. Don’t forget to vote!

Don’t Go to College to Get a Job
SchooLinks is an education platform that connects students, schools and advisors, and provides them with all tools necessary to find their dream schools or recruit. Watch SchoolLinks interview Sid Krommenhoek, a college dropout that created and sold a 40MM dollar company, and Brian Wong, the youngest entrepreneur in the world to raise VC funding at age of nineteen. Learn more and vote for SchoolLinks by clicking the title above!

Outsourcing Strategies for Startups
The outsourcing industry reached almost $140 billion in 2011 and is expected to grow another 2.9% in the next 5 years. This unprecedented growth is evidence that outsourcing works. Yet, many startups shy away from golden outsourcing opportunities because the prospect seems daunting. In this session, CF member Cody McLain, unpacks the outsourcing process and shares proven strategies for outsourcing everything from one-off gigs to entire departments.

Growing a Healthy Family While Starting a Company
Startup founders and entrepreneurs often struggle to keep or grow their families while also working intensely on their new businesses. Some even forego family or children believing it will focus their attention or simplify their lives. Mark Castleman, Capital Factory Mentor and Partner, focuses on the value of family in the lives of startup founders. Learn more and vote for this SXSW Panel Picker by clicking the title above! 
Mark Castleman


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