at Capital Factory


Q: Does Capital Factory invest in startups?
A: Yes, Capital Factory invests in seed stage tech and consumer startups and is the most active investor in Texas since 2013, according to Pitchbook. We have numerous different funds that target different stages of investment.

Q: Do I receive any guaranteed investment as part of the Accelerator program?
A: No, we help you meet investors but we don’t guarantee funding.

Q: How do I get an investment from Capital Factory?
A: Get an introduction from one of our Mentors or Members. Or come to one of a monthly How to Meet Investors in Austin meetups and Fundraising Happy Hour.

Q: Does Capital Factory consider pre-revenue (pre-launch) startups for the Accelerator?
A: Occasionally, but most startups have at least a few customers using their product when they join.

Q: Does my startup need to be headquartered in Austin?
A: You can be located anywhere in Texas but the amount of value you get from Capital Factory will be directly proportional to how much time you spend here. It’s easy for entrepreneurs in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio to come to Austin for the day to meet with investors and attend events.

Q: I’m not in Austin. Will Capital Factory consider my application based on online information alone?
A: No. We need to meet you before making such an important decision. If you pass the initial screening we’ll invite you to come interview in person.

Q: If my startup doesn’t get accepted, can I apply again?
A: Absolutely. Sometimes a rejection is due to a startup being a little too early or us needing to get to know you better. Whatever the case, we encourage founders to keep working on it and apply again later. There are many opportunities to learn and grow your startup at Capital Factory that are open to all Capital Factory Members.

Q: What is this I’ve heard about “matching funds”?
A: In previous years we had a different funding method but that is no longer available.