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(Contributed by Claire Hansen, Capital Factory Accelerator)

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! I’m writing this blog post from Michigan, where its about 20 degrees with snow on the ground. Needless to say, I’m a little Capital Factory homesick—I’m never taking the Austin sun for granted again.

While I’m here, all bundled up in a coffee shop, founders like Jerry King are busy getting shit done from Capital Factory’s Accelerator bullpen. Jerry is the cofounder of a location-based platform that monitors the location of supplies, equipment and workers on commercial construction sites.

He and cofounder Andrew Davis met at a networking event in Dallas, and between Jerry’s experience in events and construction and Drew’s heavy product background, something epic was bound to happen. One week after meeting, the two were writing a business plan, inventing technology solutions and speeding down the highway of Primal Sensors glory.

Jerry King Headshot

Jerry King

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Andrew Davis

whitespacePrimal Sensors was inspired by Jerry’s experience in a mud run. Along the course, he was separated from his friends and then had to wait two hours at the finish line to find them. With no way to actually track each others’ whereabouts, the group was bound to lose one another. Jerry then had the idea to use sensors to find friends and provide large crowds with a group management tool while at recreation events.

Curious as to how and why Primal Sensors made the switch to the construction industry? Set down that turkey leg for just a few minutes so you can scroll… and here we go!

Why did you choose to join the Capital Factory Accelerator?

We joined Capital Factory because of access to resources. There are so many things that a young company needs to get out in the market and get going. Sometimes it takes funding. Sometimes it just needs a few contacts and meetings. Capital Factory provides those opportunities. It also has a big community of entrepreneurs and Mentors to help each other work through their processes and find solutions.

What is your favorite part of being a part of the Capital Factory community?

Definitely the access to all the Mentors and their infinite experience. As new entrepreneurs, we need a sounding board. We need to have people that have been in our similar situations, faced our similar problems, and found similar ways to make it all work. The Mentors are vital for helping our community to find ways to succeed.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

A quote by Mark Cuban hit me the hardest when we were contemplating a market pivot from amusement and recreation to commercial and industrial construction. “Don’t follow your passion. Follow the efforts of your passion.” Our original idea was something that I enjoyed. But the real opportunity has come from the efforts made in our original market. The efforts led to a larger market, true traction, and a big opportunity.

Why did you choose Austin as the home for your company?

Austin has a supportive startup ecosystem. It has fostered years of entrepreneurship. All the resources and actors attached to the Austin community have worked together and supported each other with proven credibility and support for a better opportunity for all.

What is the most exciting thing Primal Sensors is doing right now?

Primal Sensors ScreenshotwhitespacePrimal Sensors is preparing to take part in a market study with a technology partner that has established credibility and support in the global construction market. We will be participating in a 3-month case study on new construction technology implementation and the effects on operational efficiency using our location based platform. The findings will be presented to one of the largest general contractors and their subcontractors in March. We are also negotiating purchase orders with our first two customers. So, there is a lot of excitement in the air.




Ahh, so that magic in the air isn’t just the holiday spirit! The key to making that magic, says Jerry, is to be prepared to be uncomfortable. You could be on the road for a few weeks, you may run into family trouble, you may hear “No” at every turn—or even worse, “maybe”. But you must become comfortable with being uncomfortable. It’s just part of the ride!

Inspired by Jerry’s story? Check out their website to learn more about Primal Sensors’ technology and don’t hesitate to mention the concept to any contacts that can provide feedback—or maybe you’ve got some feedback of your own! With so many stakeholders in the types of projects they’re targeting, there’s always something more to learn about their construction focus.

Want to get connected? Reach out on the website and you’ll hear from Jerry or Drew soon.

Until then, stay warm and stay thankful! Oh and pop back in next month to learn about another one of Capital Factory’s fearless founders.