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(Contributed by Claire Hansen, Capital Factory Accelerator)

Well, well, well, it’s 2016 and the first blog of the year is here! Between preparing for SXSW and keeping up with all of our New Years Resolutions, we’re pretty busy here in Capital Factoryland. And luckily for many of us, our New Years resolutions just a little easier to conquer.

First, let me paint you a picture, a picture of you promising yourself that 2016 is “the year of your best body” (because if Oprah’s doing it, why the hell not)… a picture of you promising your friends to kick ass at “Spartan Month” and work out every single day, give up caffeine and take cold showers… a picture of you starting off strong and then slowly but surely “forgetting” to go to the gym, not making the time until eventually all you have left to show of your New Years resolution is an automatic bank withdrawal for $24.95 each month to the gym down the street.

Yes, we’ve all been there. But as I mentioned earlier, it doesn’t have to be that way. Achieving your resolution to get and stay in shape really is easier than ever. New Capital Factory Accelerator company Your Trainer is a fitness app that delivers video workouts customized just for you – it’s like having a personal trainer in your own home. And over time, it learns what you like, what you really need and adjusts the workouts to help you meet your goals. Check it out:



Allow me to introduce you to one of the masterminds behind it all: Your Trainer CEO and serial Entrepreneur, Larry Cotter: 


What inspired you to found Your Trainer?

LarrywhitespaceModern life makes it so hard to stay happy, healthy and fit… it’s really hard. Our team feels the same way – we are busy, tired and struggling to get and stay fit – and we want to help.

So that’s why we founded Your Trainer – to provide the personal training experience and results available to everyone in the comfort and convenience of their own home.




What is your professional background–have you always been involved in the startup scene?

I am a 5-time tech co-founder with successful exits including and Apartment Home Living. In my spare time I am helping other startups or thinking of new ones – it’s in my DNA.

My Co-founder Matt’s background is actually more interesting – he is an experienced strength and conditioning coach, personal trainer, and rehab specialist. His clientele included NBA, NFL, MLB and Division 1 Athletes. Matt has a BS in Exercise and Movement Science and a M.Ed. in Kinesiology, UT. He’s the brains behind the training.


What is one piece of advice you have for founders in your vertical who are considering joining an Accelerator program?

The collective wisdom of a group is greater than any one individual. The Capital Factory is a group of wise leaders – leverage them to win.

What’s next for Your Trainer?

To expand the ecosystem for our platform to make training widely available on the road and with more fitness equipment.

What is the most challenging part about being an entrepreneur?

There are so many great opportunities – the most challenging part is picking the right one.

What is your ultimate goal for Your Trainer?

To help one person, then 10, then 10,(you enter the number of zeros) be happy, healthy and fit by being the absolute best personal trainer in the world. A personal trainer that not only trains our clients, but educates them, motivates them, holds them accountable and shares in their success.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

I started my first business in college, a professor evaluation guide, it got shut down by threat of expulsion from the President of the University.

I found it ironic that after I sold my first real start-up I got invited back to the school to speak and share my experience on how the college fostered my entrepreneurial spirit.


Okay, can we take a moment to note Larry’s awesome response to the last question? When I ask founders that question, “Is there anything else you’d like to share,” I 100% expect them to respond with a shameless plug for their next event, product, giveaway etc.–and I don’t fault them for it. But instead, Larry took the opportunity to share an awesome story and put a smile on our faces. So legit!

Anyway, so Your Trainer it’s really not all about the New Years resolution itself—although it can help you achieve that as well. It’s really more about keeping ourselves “happy, healthy and fit”, and who isn’t down with that? The best news is that Capital Factory members already get an entire year of Your Trainer for free! So if you’re already a member and want to give it a shot, there’s really no excuse. By December, we’re all going to be walking around looking and feeling even more fly than we already do. And if you’re not a member yet, all the more reason to join asap. Really, it’s time.

Thanks for tuning in this month–I’ll catch you on the flip side of SXSW.