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Moving around town can be hard enough let alone moving to an entirely different country. Capital Factory Global is designed to help International Companies successfully launch their enterprise in the United States via Austin. In 6 – 18 months our Touchdown Austin Program will help achieve your goal here in the U.S. Market, whether that is an investment, customer support, customer acquisition, key partnerships, etc…

We also partner with organizations around the world to run Entrepreneur in Residence Programs. EIR is a bootcamp on the U.S. You will learn best business practices, incorporation law, immigration law, pitching technique, culture difference, and much more. By the end, you will have your go-to-market strategy for the United States. Contact us to find out if we have a partner organization in your country or if you are an organization that would like to setup an EIR program.

What we provide?

We provide access to the vast Capital Factory network to accelerate your U.S. setup and growth.

      1. Service Network
        1. Immigration
        2. Legal
        3. Finance/Accounting
        4. HR/Staff
        5. Real Estate
        6. Insurance
      2. Mentor Network
        1. 150 Best and Most Experienced Serial Entrepreneurs and Investors in Austin
      3. Partner Network

Two U.S. go-to-market programs – one to meet the needs of foreign companies ready to expand, and one to support the curiosity of earlier stage individuals looking to explore:

  1. For Companies – the Touchdown Austin Program
    1. Time Frame 6 18 Months
    2. Start Date: 1 Month Prior to your arrival in the US.
    3. Cost: $1000 Per Month + Office Space at Capital Factory
  2. For Individuals – the Entrepreneur In Residence Program

Each program is different based on location and region. Please contact us to find the exact details for your region. 

Why Texas?

Business Friendly Environment & History of Entrepreneurship

  1. Setting up and transacting with your business is very easy in Texas. You can have your company set up in 15 minutes.
  2. Low Cost of Living
    1. The cost of living in Texas is 30 to 60% less than comparable costs of Silicon Valley, LA, NYC, Boston or Seattle.
  3. No Personal or Business Income Tax at State Level
    1. There is no personal income tax for any of your employees or yourself here in Texas.
    2. And no corporate income tax on your business, only a small annual franchise tax.
  4. Four of the Top 11 U.S Cites are within 200 miles. You have access to 27 million people in Central Texas and your customer is in those 27 million. If you can scale your business in Texas than you can scale your business in the United States.
    1. Dallas/Fort Worth – A giant financial and electronics hub with a population of 5 million.
    2. Austin – Startup and technology hub with a population of 2 million.
    3. San Antonio – Transportation and logistics hub with a population of 3 million.
    4. Houston- Energy and shipping hub with a population of 5 million.   

Why Austin?

  1. Austin is a dynamic high-tech economy. We have Fortune 500 companies to one person starts up here in Austin. Austin currently has over 5,100 Technology Companies and over 115,000 workers in Technology.  That’s 14% of all jobs and 25% of regional payroll.  Austin is a Top 10 U.S. region for business and innovation.
  2. Austin has 23 Higher Learning Institutions, the most prestigious being The University of Texas at Austin. There are over 415,000 students in the Austin area. Specifically 20% of all the Computer Science graduates in the nation come from The University of Texas at Austin and the school ranks 3rd in the U.S. for most patents by a university.
  3. Due to the dense education environment we have the highly intellectual and creative Population. 42% of the population of Austin are college graduates.
  4. We host global events that the entire world comes and showcases at. South By Southwest (SXSW) is one of largest Music, Film, Technology, and Education conferences in the world.
  5. Great quality of life.  Austin is into healthy living, smart cities, preserving our environment and creating positive social impact. 
  6. The most important aspect is the last. COMMUNITY. Austin is all about community. There is always someone willing to help out or help you get connected with the right resources. In Austin, we play as a team sport instead of competing against each other.

Apply to Touchdown Austin

Capacity is limited and completion of this application does not ensure acceptance into the Touchdown Austin program.

This program is based in Austin, Texas and requires the physical presence of a competent individual from your company to lead the local effort.

Capital Factory management will get back in touch with you in a timely manner to discuss your application and possibly request more information.

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