at Capital Factory

Private Offices

If you want to put your entire team in one room (or two), then you’ll want a private office on the 5th floor. They come in 3 different sizes and in each one you will have an exterior window with a view of downtown or of the Omni Atrium or Texas Capitol.

You can’t compare this to renting space by the square foot. This is a turnkey office-as-a-service that is month-to-month and all inclusive. When you factor in the furniture, Internet, food, reception services, and other amenities it’s an incredible value!

We spared no expense in making these offices as sound proof as possible. The walls have extra insulation added and extend “to the deck” so that sound doesn’t travel over them through the ceiling. The interior windows are insulated and extra thick; the exterior windows were insulated at the joint between each room. No one is going to overhear what you are talking about unless you yell.

Each office comes with a base number of Cowork memberships, and you can add on additional employees by purchasing additional Cowork memberships.

Please note: Private offices are month-to-month contracts that require 90 days notice to terminate. We bill you for the first and last month’s rent up front (non-refundable), so the first month is double the normal rate, and then you don’t owe anything for the last month.

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